Interview with Argentinean guitar virtuoso Miguel Sigales:

What can you tell me about El lugar de los Milagros?

It is a production that I released in mid 2000, that had some guest musicians, because the main idea was to get people and show them what I was doing and then recording. It was recorded in a home studio and the sound technician was Miguel Di Genova.

How do you see the instrumental music scene in Argentina?

Well, the musicians quality is excellent, there are really good musicians that are doing great things, the problem is that there are few places were one can play and in some of them ask you money to do so and that makes difficult to grow and show the proposal that each of us have.

How has "El lugar de los milagros" been received by the press in Argentina and other countries?

The CD had really good reviews in Argentina, it was reviewed in magazines like Epopeya, Madhouse, Power Music, El Musiquero, Music Shop and they all talk very good about it.

In other countries I was surprised to receive emails from different places and in some ocassions I found people not only from different countries but also from Argentina´s provinces that are interested in getting the CD. Being an independent musician makes a little bit difficult to send the CD, but I am trying to sell it through different record shops and through Internet you can get it through the Music Shop magazine ( )

Do you have offers to release your music through a label or do you prefer to work independently?

In the last few weeks I met some persons interested in distributing the CD, but we haven´t reached an agreement yet.

How do you compose your songs?

I don´t have only one way to compose, there are songs that can be done in a few minutes and some that takes months to finish, normally I don´t sit down to compose, that appears in some moments naturally, I try to avoid forcing things.

Do you have plans of playing live in 2001?

I started this year playing in El Bolsón (southwest of Argentina), I was in Resistencia, Chaco (north of Argentina), and in el Gran Buenos Aires in Adrogué, Temperley also in the Capital (Buenos Aires) I played in many places. Normally each pair of months I play the Guitar Club, that is creating a great scene and I think that the next date there will be in the beginning of October.

During September I am going to do a couple of clinics in the provinces , there is one confirmed for September 18th in the Promúsica Auditorio in Rosario.

And in the first week of October I am going to do one in Buenos Aires endorsed by Data Music and Otto Drums, I am endorser of Ernie Ball, Crate and Aria, who are giving me a great support on this project.

Are you composing new material for a new recording?

In this moment we are playing live, apart from the tracks from "El lugar.. ", some songs that will be included on the second CD, we have all the songs finished but because of some financial matters we have not recorded yet. I think there will be some news at the end of the year. The new tracks have the mood of the ones in the first CD but with heavier touches. And in the next days there will be a compilation out called "Guitarristas II", released by the Guitar Club and there will be one track from myself.

Is the band that plays live with you the same that recorded El lugar de los Milagros?

No, now it is Damian Larumbe on drums, Jorge Omad on rhythm guitar, Alejandro Bouso on bass and myself on guitar. Of thsi musicians the only one that recorded something on "El Lugar..." was Alejandro. I have been playing with this lineup for one and a half year now.

How important is a good knowledge of musical theory, harmony, scales, etc for your music?

I think it is very important to have a good harmonic knowledge to feel more comfortable to express what youhave in mind. It is obvious that all the musicians who play this style have invested a lot of hours to learning and practicing.

Do you thinkl that the biggest metal labels here in Argentina are afraid of releasing instrumental music?

The problem is that the labels are interested in invest in music that is already known or that will give them a bigger economic benefit, in our country there is a lot of people interested in consuming instrumental music, but labels seem to don´t want to see it.

Which are your biggest influences as a composer and guitarist?

My first influences were Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore until on 1985, I listen the first CD by Yngwie Malmsteen "Rising Force" and I was amazed. I studied a lot of years influenced by his music but I started to admire also musicians as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Van Halen and many others. This musicians were important for my musical foundations, but after many years I try to find my own style.

Which Argentine bands or musicians do you like nowadays?

There are a lot of great guitarists and I can name a lot, I like Giardino, Daniel Telis, Martín Knye, Subotoski, H. Mendez, Daniel Pellegrini, Marcelo Roascio, Salinas, Francisco Rivero ,Juanjo Dominguez among others.

Something more to add?

Well, I want to thank people that has been interested in my music, like some media, some radios and specially to the people in the provinces from Argentina that always treat me really good.

You can listen to a track of the CD in, the track is in the section (catalogo de musica independiente). If you want to buy the CD You can do it through internet on that website,or in Jack Flash record shop in Av.Cabildo, Buenos Aires.

Interviewed by Federico Marongiu