Here are some comments:

El lugar de los milagros is pure instrumental rock portrayed in 9 songs, and Sigales reveals like an exquisite compositor and a marvelous guitar player through them. He shows us coherent virtuosity leaving the song to be the owner, almost absolute, of the melody”.

 “Power Music” Magazine

 “Sigales combines with a great success really fast solos with melodic passages”.

 “Music Shop” Magazine


“In El lugar de los milagros, Sigales seems to be a mixture between Malmsteen and Satriani, born in Buenos Aires”. 

“El musiquero” Magazine


Miguel Sigales shows a true international level in his guitar technique”.

Claudio Kleiman


“In El lugar de los milagros, Sigales recorded compositions of his own, with airs of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Y. J. Malmsteen (a powerful riff and a priotagionist guitar that goes between melodies and solos). Among the songs we can remark “Navegantes hacia el fin del mar”, “Presto”, “Hazme libre” and “ Más que mil palabras”.  Some of them could be good to musicalice sport programs or action films.

 “El Biombo” Magazine

9 songs composed and played by the incredible Sigales.

Fendermanía España

Owner of a long trajectory, his style is a mixture among Malmsteen and Satriani, born in Buenos Aires.

 “El Rincón del Guitarrista” website

Translation by Cristian Ciuffardi