Miguel Sigales started playing electric guitar in the early eightys. As he told us, "...this happened the day I heard  Led Zeppelin´s Heartbreaker" , that day was really amazing. I was at the park and I remember a group of guys with a record-player and when I heard that song I was astonished; until then it never ocurred to me to play the guitar and that was the initial kick..."
From year 1992 to 2000 he was in charge of the technical section of magazine "El Musiquero" in which he wrote around 70 articles. The topics in his notes were based on different scales, different styles like Satriani, Malmsteen, Van Halen, Blackmore´s, among others and techniques such as  Sweep Picking, Tapping, String Skiping.
Between year 2000 and 2002 he wrote for "Music Shop" and in 2003 for "Power Music magazine". In November of that year he recorded some guitar clinics for TV program "Efecto Metal" and at the end of 2004 he started his periodic articles named "Rapido y Furioso" on "Music Master" magazine. From the second half of 2006 he writes "Planeta Gales" on online magazine "Guitarristas y Bajistas.ar." Later on, he has become acquainted with great international guitar players such us Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale, Steve Vai, K. Loureiro, Yngwie J. Malmsteen , Luis Salinas, Walter Giardino, Miguel Botafogo and Bruce Kulick.
He edited three guitar books: "Guitarra A Mil - Estudios para velocidad", in 1994. Thanks to the success the obtained, he decided to publish the second volume "Guitarra A mil Vol. II" in 1997. By the middle of 2007, appears "Guitar Training" with exercises on technical training.
This edition includes 4 bonus tracks of his 4 CDs. At this moment, these books are on sale in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Honduras and Guatemala.
He has been giving guitar clinics around the whole country from 1994, some of which were sponsored by Ellisound editorial and well known guitar brand Ibanez, among others.
From year 2001 to 2003 we was endorsement of Ernie Ball and Crate with which he gave clinics at several places in the country. Currently he is sponsored by Macson Amplifiers.
In 1996 he started his solo project which is pure rock and heavy instrumental. He has so far edited four CDs: "El lugar de los Milagros" (2000), which received very good critics from some of the most important journalists in Argentina, among others Claudio Kleiman who said: "Miguel shows a guitar technique of international level and seems like a cross between Malmsteen and Satriani, born in Buenos Aires". After this followed "El día después" (2003), “Rarezas” (2005) and "La involución del primate" (2007), according to the press his best work yet.